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Use Contentio's 3-Step Process For Content Creation

Check Out How This Technique Has Worked For Us:

Last month, we fired our content writer who was charging us $1,200 per month to create our content. Instead we used Contentio to post content for us. We posted HIGH authority content that we then shared on social media - all within 10 minutes.

That generated an AVALANCHE of traffic and hands-off income of $1,049.


Look at what current users are saying:


Neil Napier here, coming to you straight from Andaman Islands with a very important message.

See – my dream – for as long as I can remember – has been to run my business on autopilot, without spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary expenses.

…all this while – relaxing at the beach and doing what I love – which right now happens to be scuba diving!

But it wasn’t always this easy.

I remember only last year, we were working hard to frantically grow our business with content marketing.

All our money was tied up in different projects, and unlike others, we couldn’t afford to spend $10,000+ per month on paid ads needed to generate stable profits.

Don’t get me wrong – if you have the money – go spend it on ads.

But if you are trying to build a long term business that works without you – you need to do something else.

Content Marketing Is The Answer

If your question is – “How do I get traffic to my site”, or “How do I become an expert in my market?”

Then – the answer is content marketing

Each of these 7/8- figure marketers has built their cult and business using the power of unique, high authority content.

But unlike these bigshots, us mere mortals don’t have the money on hiring native English speakers that charge $40 per hour or more.

So we end up hiring people from Philippines.


While these folks are REALLY hard-working, they don’t have the language skillset necessary to create high authority content – in YOUR voice.

We faced this challenge too.

We started by hiring British writers – VERY EXPENSIVE!

Then we tried out the BEST staff from Philippines.

Unfortunately, even they couldn’t cut it.

In the process, we wasted $16,000 – without an RoI.

Should have just run paid ads, right?

We thought so too. But you cannot deny that GOOD content marketing WORKS!

If you can create great content – you WILL get results.

What Came Next Knocked Our Socks Off

Through sheer coincidence and some advancement in technology, we realized there was FREE content out there we could use.

But it was a PAIN to source.

I am talking about YouTube video Closed Caption.

YouTube offers an amazing opportunity with their Closed Caption system that allows content creators to source high quality content.

But here’s the problem:

After spending 6 months in rigorous development and testing – we finally found a way to generate unique, high-quality content in less than 60 seconds!



60-Second Solution To High-Quality Content

Here’s how Contentio works:

Watch this video to see this technology in action:

That’s cool, right?

We thought so too.

So we urged few of our students to try it out as well, and here’s what they had to say:

Dave Hobley

Neil Napier and his “Team Contentio” have created an amazing and powerful WordPress plugin that creates lead grabbing “Content On Steroids” using Trending and Keyword Based Video Content Searches and “Automagically” turns it into Lead Grabbing, Full Fledged Blog Articles which you can spin and syndicate. This tool is nothing less than Powerful and Impressive!!

Dave Hobley, Entrepreneur Insider and Founder & CEO, Our World Enterprises LLC
Kari Härkönen

After testing Contentio out, I must say in all simplicity the software is awesome! Easy and fast to install, it would be exaggerating if I'd say it took me more than 5 minutes to work it all out. No doubt about it, Contentio will save me a lot of time when adding product reviews. I highly recommend Contentio for anyone who needs to come up with professional content and lacks the time or the skills to do it on their own.

Kari Härkönen



If you’re still reading (why?!), let me walk you through everything that Contentio contains:

Contentio has been created for YOU – so you can create lead magnets, blog posts and courses-to-sell quickly!

We use it daily for JobRack marketing, and strongly recommend anyone who is serious about growing a Google-friendly business.


Still reading?

You have 2 options right now…

You can either continue to “invest” in ads and wonder why it’s not working.

Or you can leverage Contentio and build an easy business that can work for you while you are away on vacation – doing scuba diving or whatever else you enjoy!

Check out the 2 options that you can get:

Contentio 1 - site



  • YouTube Based Content
  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Content Spinning
  • 1 Site
WP Contentio - Basic (1 site license)

Contentio Unlimited



  • YouTube Based Content
  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Content Spinning
  • Include Affiliate Links
  • Unlimited Sites
WP Contentio - Basic (Unlimited)