• Automate list building using artificial intelligence
  • Smart opt-in forms automatically adapt to perfectly match what your customers are looking for
  • Interactive chatbot increases engagement, collects leads automatically and reduces bounce rate

Set up your list in your autoresponder

Install on your website once and add highly targeted and engaged leads the easy, hands-free, way with our artificial intelligence technology

Sit back and enjoy increased opt-in conversions and sales

Your Opt-in Forms Are Hurting Your Business - Here’s Why . . .

One size doesn’t fit all.

Ask anyone who's tried 'one-size' clothing.

It’s inevitably too big, too small, too long or too short. It’s because one size simply can’t accommodate every body type.

So why do marketers think their ‘one-size fits all’ opt-in forms could possibly fit what each of their website visitors want?

The same opt-in form shown on every page of a website is a trend well past its freshness date.

You see, not every visitor is looking for the same thing.

That’s why your opt-in form isn’t working the way it should.

Website Visitors Are Not All The Same

Here’s the thing :
  • One visitor might be looking for product reviews on your site
  • Another might be looking for ‘how-to’ information on a subject
  • Yet another might be looking to buy a product or service

So how can your current opt-in form, which shows the same headline, text and call-to-action to all your visitors, despite what they’re interested in, be working well?

It probably isn’t.

The result? Your visitors ignore your opt-in form.

Which means. . .

Your opt-in conversions tank, which hits you right in the wallet.

Because, if no one signs up for your list, it’s going to be extremely hard to sell your goods and services.

Well, we’re about to end this problem for you with a solution straight out of science fiction . . .

Opt-in Forms Which Give Your Visitors EXACTLY What They Want - Every Single Time!

Brad Stephens here.

The secret of my success in selling over $1 million dollars of software in 2015 alone has been helping business owners narrow in on what their customers want most.

It’s why I developed my best-selling products Audience Drill and Targeting Inspector. These products help businesses grow by helping them EASILY find customers for their goods and services.

Because I’m so into automating aspects of my business for better conversions, I noticed list building needed to be brought into the 21st century.

It was clear to me that offering all my website visitors the same opt-in form was like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole . . .

I knew I needed to create opt-in forms that:

  • Automatically create headlines and and call-to-actions which match the topics of pages visitors are reading . . . so there’s no disconnect between my opt-in forms and the content of my pages
  • Increase visitor engagement by offering a personalized experience designed to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for on a website
And I looked for opt-in forms like these, and couldn’t find them anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence, Automated Targeted Form
Building AND Chatbots Rolled Into 1 Dashboard?

I called up my developer friend, Maddy Dutta, and explained my problem finding opt-in forms which were really targeted. I asked him if he’d work with me to develop a software to change this.

He was excited about the project from the start . . . and then he hit me with a possibility I hadn’t even considered.

“Brad - let’s give our customers software which automatically finds the topic of their website’s pages. . . and creates headlines and calls-to-action to match their opt-in forms without any additional effort on their part . . .

And we’ll put the icing on the cake by also giving them an interactive chatbot!

The chatbot will help visitors find what they’re looking for on our customer’s websites. . . which, at the same time, skyrockets trust for our customers’ brand . . .

Which boosts opt-in rates by appealing to what visitors want most . . . and massively increases visitor engagement.

The combination of these two powerful tools will make our customer’s opt-in rates go through the roof.

Not only that, we’ll give our customers the ability to use both the dynamic opt-in forms and the chatbot at the same time for unheard of conversion rates.”

We were pumped at what we’d come up with in our dream list-building software.

However, the road to building it wasn’t always smooth.

A Long Year Of Testing And Development Brought Incredible Results. . .

After a full year of tweaking and testing and perfecting. . . trying out ideas. . . keeping some, throwing out others and sometimes starting again from scratch. . .

We began to put our new software to work on our own sites.

Right away, we were blown away by how much easier using a little artificial intelligence made it to collect targeted leads.

Our opt-in rates soared past our wildest expectations.

We also realized we could pre-segment our leads by setting up our lists inside our autoresponders based on the topics of our pages.

Because our forms appealed to what visitors were actually looking for, we could immediately send out email campaigns with products and services directly appealing to these interests.

There was no guesswork involved, because the dynamic opt-in forms let us know exactly what people were looking for.

The results were not only vastly improved opt-in conversions, but also tremendously increased sales.

No Import/Export Hassles

We decided we needed to automate another aspect of our new tool to make things easier.

New leads would be automatically added to our autoresponders as they subscribed, by integrating the software with the API of our autoresponder.

So there’s no need to ever export leads and re-import them into an autoresponder, because the software does the hard work for us.

With our software creating highly targeted forms for us, we had complete confidence to select offers which perfectly matched our new leads’ interests.

We never once had to guess if they’d be into the offers or not. We already knew because of the forms.

Which created more sales . . . and profits!

The Chatbot - An Unexpected Benefit . . .

The chatbot was also a MASSIVE win for our websites.

As well as boosting opt-in conversions, it kept visitors engaged longer on our websites. . .

Which helped reduce our bounce rates. This in turn helped with our organic search rankings, so we were also getting more traffic.

While we knew we were onto something huge, it didn’t matter if our customers couldn’t get the same results we were getting.

So it was time to bring in some testers. . .

Our Beta-Testers Give Our New Software
“Two Thumbs Up!”

Turns out we were definitely onto something big.

We asked a group of our customers and friends to beta-test our new software for us.

Like us, they started seeing phenomenal results right off the bat:

Now, if YOU want more subscribers and engagement (and who doesn’t) it’s YOUR turn to see what artificial intelligence can do for you. . .


LeadTarget is our cutting edge automated list building tool.

Create “smart” dynamic opt-in forms for every page on your website . . . and increase visitor engagement at the same time with our interactive chat bot.

...all by installing it ONCE on your website.

Use them separately, or use them together - either way you get the same results. . .

Hands off list building, soaring opt-in rates and audience engagement on autopilot.

Watch the demo video below to see how LeadTarget can help you get more highly targeted leads - starting now.

Price increasing in...

A Detailed Look At LeadTarget . . .

LeadTarget has plenty of customization options. Add images, change font sizes and colors, create intelligent pop-ups based on user action and more. . . and that’s just the start.

With both the dynamic opt-in forms and the chatbot you’ll get:

Built-In Analytics

It’s easy to see check your list building progress with the full analytics module inside the LeadTarget dashboard. Keep tabs on which of your opt-in forms have the best performance so you can tweak them all to perfection.

Full Training

It goes without saying our customers will receive step-by-step video training showing them how to set up and use all of the features inside LeadTarget. If you ever get stuck, our support desk is standing by to help

Dynamic Popup Opt-in Form Options

Popup Styles - Choose from 3 separate opt-in form popup options. You’ll have lots of alternatives to capture visitors’ attention and prevent dreaded banner blindness

Dynamic Form Creation

By inserting a simple placeholder into your opt-in form, LeadTarget pulls in the topic of your page and inserts it into your headline and button text. (Full details on how to do this are included in the training module, and it’s ridiculously easy to do)

And we give you several options on how to tell LeadTarget to collect this information, according to your preferences.

Tell LeadTarget to choose the topic of your dynamic opt-in form based on your website page’s:

  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Title
  • Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.)

In addition, you can add images to your popups, and customize font size, colour and font family of your headlines, body copy and button text as well.

Increase Popup Visibility With Optional Animation

Shake your visitors out of their indifference with a popup that bounces, flashes, shakes and moves right before their eyes - there’s no missing your highly targeted opt-in offer!

Popup Triggers

Decide how and when you’d like your popup opt-in form triggered by your visitors’ actions

  • On User Scroll
  • Delay Time
  • Page Load
  • Exit Intent
  • First Click

DFY Form Templates

Take the guesswork out of form creation with our done-for-you templates extensively tested to convert visitors into subscribers. Suitable for any niche.

Integrates With ALL Autoresponders

Seamless API integration with GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, iContact, Infusionsoft and custom HTML means your leads are automatically added to your list of choice. Start immediately sending offers to your highly targeted prospects and watch your profits grow.

Simple Installation On HTML, ANY Page Builder and WordPress Websites

LeadTarget generates a ‘copy & paste code’ you simply paste into the footer section
of your HTML-based website.

If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll receive a plugin to do the heavy lifting for you -
absolutely no coding or ‘cut & paste’ necessary.

Fully Mobile Responsive

LeadTarget makes it simple for all of your prospects to subscribe to your list - whether they’re on desktop or a mobile device.

Mobile users don’t even have to tap a ‘submit’ button to be added to your list. . . as soon as your visitors type in their email address, they are automatically added to your list of choice.

Create An Interactive Journey For Your Visitors With LeadTarget’s Chatbot

Our chatbot guides your readers on an interactive journey through your website designed to lead to a conversion.

The chatbot helps your readers discover exactly what they’re looking for by asking them a series of questions. . . which creates high engagement.

It’s ‘oh-so-easy’ to get more subscribers when you put the chatbot to work. You can even have it offer special incentives to entice your visitors to sign up for your list.

Chatbot Features:

Conversation Initiation - set the chatbot to appear on user action, such as page load, scroll, 1st click, time on site, or exit intent.

Add Image - choose an ideal image to represent your chatbot to make your visitor feel like they are speaking to a real person.

Add Title - grab your visitors attention by asking a question in the title of your chat.

Add Text - add any additional information your visitors should know.

Add Link - redirect your visitors to anywhere you choose after subscribing . . . maybe to a discount coupon, or a product for immediate purchase.

Radio Buttons/Check Boxes - find out what your visitors want with ‘yes/no’ type questions featured inside radio buttons or checkboxes

Add Autoresponder and List - add your autoresponder and desired list, and the LeadTarget bot will automatically subscribe your visitor upon entering their email address into the form field - no need for them to even hit a submit button to be added to your list

Proven Sales Psychology At Work

The chatbot is very effective at getting opt-ins because it requests your visitors to answer a few simple questions before they claim their opt-in incentive.

This is based on well-known sales psychology.

Visitors who take a small action such as answering a question before they’re asked to subscribe are more willing to give up their email address.

You can even combine the dynamic opt-in forms and the chatbot on a single page for an irresistible conversion experience.

And if all this value still isn’t enough, we’re loading you up with:

Limited Time Exclusive Bonus Offers

While you’re getting a supreme value with the tools we’re including to give you hands off list building automation with LeadTarget, we don’t intend on stopping here.

We’re giving you these exclusive buyer bonuses :

Bonus #1 - 5 Extra Premium

Our designer has worked hard to put together an extra 5 premium, high converting opt-in form templates for our buyers. These premium templates will only be available during launch week. . . so don’t wait and miss out.

Value: $70

Bonus #2 - Special LeadTarget
WP Plugin

Worried about placing the LeadTarget script on your website? Don't stress! We're including a 100% free WP Plugin as a bonus that automates the installation process. You will never have to worry about placing the script and breaking anything. The WP Plugin handles it for you!

Value: $27

Total Bonus Value: $97

Another Reason To Purchase LeadTarget Today - You Need Paid Traffic Insurance

Consider this: capturing email addresses is essential if you’re running ANY kind of paid traffic to your website.

On average, someone new to your site WON’T buy the first time they see your offers.

Visitors arriving from paid traffic are hesitant to buy from you, because they don't know you.

This is why it’s critical to have high converting opt-in forms on your website. Warming up paid traffic via email marketing increases your sales, and gives you the opportunity to present additional targeted offers in the future.

In other words, LeadTarget acts as your insurance policy for paid traffic.

If you don’t build a list with your paid traffic, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Once you have your paid traffic visitors added to your email list, market to them with highly appealing offers targeted to their exact interests - instead of watching them bounce off your site, never to return or to buy from you.

Don’t forget you can also upload email addresses you capture with LeadTarget to your retargeting campaigns for on-going traffic and sales.

“I’m In Guys - What’s LeadTarget
Gonna Set Me Back?”

For starters, you’re asking the WRONG question.

LeadTarget’s not gonna set you back - it’s gonna set you UP for AUTOMATED lead generation and increased visitor engagement.

More visitors added to your list for back end sales . . . and more engagement and trust for your website and brand.

All delivered by LeadTarget’s dynamic and interactive features.

The good news is LeadTarget is being offered today at special launch pricing. Pricing this low will
NEVER be seen again.

So early adopters of LeadTarget get in at a very inexpensive price!

Act fast or you’ll miss out on LeadTarget special launch pricing!

  • Install on Unlimited Websites
  • “Smart” DFY Opt-in Form Templates
  • Chatbot “Smart” Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Extra WP Plugin
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

And just in case you’re hesitating whether or not you should pick up LeadTarget
today, your purchase is backed with our

100% ‘No Risk, No Hassle’ Money Back Guarantee:

Take LeadTarget out for a spin for a full 30-days.

Test the dynamic opt-in form builder. Use the included free templates and see how easy it is to set up a new campaign. Gain even more leads with the chatbot, and watch your bounce rates go down at the same time.

However, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with LeadTarget at any time during the first 30 days after purchase, know you’re completely covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

In the unlikely event you’re not completely happy with LeadTarget during the same 30 day period, simply contact our support desk for assistance.

If we can’t help you, request your money back. You’ll get a no-hassle, no questions asked refund.

What could be fairer than that?

So click the button below and purchase LeadTarget in full confidence - the risk’s on us!

  • Install on Unlimited Websites
  • “Smart” DFY Opt-in Form Templates
  • Chatbot “Smart” Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Extra WP Plugin
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

There’s No Time Like NOW To Grow
Your Email List Via Automation. . .

While there’s been so much hoopla over social media marketing, the fact remains email marketing is STILL one of the BIGGEST, and most cost-effective ways to generate sales.

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association states the return-on-investment for email marketing is a jaw-dropping 4300% (no, that isn’t a typo.)

So taking steps to improve your email opt-in conversions is one of the best ways to see an almost immediate improvement to your bottom line.

And we’ve removed any need to create multiple opt-in forms with LeadTarget’s artificial intelligence. Now, your visitors will ONLY see forms directly related to the page they’re visiting - your opt-in rates are about to explode!

Your opt-in forms reflect exactly what your visitors are after, and LeadTarget’s chatbot helps guide them through your website with a conversation that looks and feels natural.

This provides your visitors with a personalized experience that’s engaging and builds trust for your brand - and also reduces your bounce rate, which wins your site favor with Google.

Smart marketers do everything they can to grow their lists and win trust from their visitors. Why wouldn’t they when they have the ability to get so many more sales via email marketing than without it?

We know you’re a smart marketer too.

So grab LeadTarget today while the special launch pricing and bonuses are still around!

  • Install on Unlimited Websites
  • “Smart” DFY Opt-in Form Templates
  • Chatbot “Smart” Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Extra WP Plugin
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

To Your Success,

The LeadTarget Team

P.S. Isn’t it time to quit hoping and dreaming you can increase your opt-in rates and actually do something about it? There’s no better way to give your visitors exactly what they want . . . and get what you want at the same time - their email address! Get LeadTarget while you can get in at the very best deal. Click the button above for instant access.

P.P.S. Where will you be 30 days from now if you don’t act today? Still getting dismal opt-in rates? Sales steadily decreasing? Website engagement at an all-time low? Bounce rates through the roof? It doesn’t have to be this way. Take action now. Click the button above and start putting LeadTarget to work for you today!


Q. Can I use LeadTarget on my Mac, or is it for PC only? A. LeadTarget is web-based so there are no compatibility issues at all..
Q. Will LeadTarget work with my current autoresponder? A. LeadTarget works with all popular autoresponders, including GetResponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, iContact, and MailChimp. It also works with custom HTML forms.
Q. Can you explain the ‘dynamic forms’ again? I’m not quite sure what that means. A. Absolutely! ‘Dynamic,’ in this case, means your LeadTarget form uses artificial intelligence in the copy of your opt-in forms to reflect whatever the topic your webpage is about. It does this without any additional effort on your part.

So, for example, if you have one page on your websites about blue widgets, and another page about red widgets, LeadTarget ‘reads’ those pages with artificial intelligence, and creates a form which uses the topic of that page to appeal to your prospects.

Visitors browsing your red widget page will see an opt-in form with a headline and copy about red widgets . . . and visitors to your blue widgets page will see a form with a headline and copy about blue widgets - in both cases without you needing to lift a finger.

This increases your opt-in rates because of the high relevancy of your opt-in page to what your visitors are looking for on your website.

Q. I’m new to list building. Can LeadTarget help me? A. It can for sure! We provide you with full video training on how to get started with LeadTarget, and also give you live training where we reveal how we use LeadTarget in our own business. We’ve also included templates for LeadTarget which make it a breeze to create your own campaigns.
Q. Do I have to export the leads from LeadTarget and upload them into my autoresponder? A. No. LeadTarget integrates with the API of supported autoresponders. This means your leads are automatically imported for you.
Q. Can I use both the dynamic opt-in popups and the chatbot at the same time? A. Yes, you can combine them, or use them separately.
Q. I’m not sure I need LeadTarget right now. A. Let us ask you: “Are you sure your business doesn’t need fresh leads?” Because we’ve never seen any business who can survive for long without them.

Why not try LeadTarget risk-free for 30 days today? You’ll get in at the lowest possible price we’re ever going to offer it, plus you’ll get the live training and extra templates at no additional cost. Your purchase is covered by our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you decide LeadTarget isn’t for you, simply request a refund, and we’ll cheerfully reimburse you.